R4DS June Challenge: Summer of Data Science 2018

We’re going on a learning adventure! This summer we’d like to challenge you to participate in the “Summer of Data Science” Twitter initiative hosted by none other than Data Science Renee! While the Summer of Data Science (SoDS) supports all languages and endeavors related to becoming a (better) data scientist, we wanted to host a space within our R4DS Online Learning Community for our community members to ask questions, provide support, and in general discuss what we’re learning within our chosen text!

R4DS May Challenge: sign up for office hours!

Introduction May is here and it’s time to get back to our roots by revisiting the R for Data Science text as well as introduce materials to help you - yes you - get comfortable with GitHub. Sure, we could do something similar to the first iteration of our online learning community and say we’re going to cover a specified amount of material each week, but instead we’re going to try something new!

R4DS April Challenge: time for some spring cleaning!

Introduction April is such a fantastic time of the year - the weather starts to warm up, trees and flowers start blooming, and many of us start in on some spring cleaning. So it’s only natural that we’d focus on the same thing in our R4DS Online Learning Community! Finishing up March’s Viewing Parties Thank you to everyone who participated in our viewing party in early March, where member Chris B.

R4DS March Challenge: Participate in a Viewing Party!

We’re so close to March, which for many of you involves a lot of college basketball. But there’s another exciting challenge happening, once which also happens to involve your participation: R4DS is hosting its first series of community member talks! The Challenge: Participate! Four of our community members have graciously stepped up to record a 20-30 minute talk on an R4DS-related topic, and they will be developing these over the next few weeks.

R4DS February Challenge: #winning

It’s February–which most people associate with Valentine’s Day, and that’s fine–but for all of us in the R4DS Online Learning Community, we’re going to focus on winning! The challenge: share your wins The challenge is short and sweet this month, and the same for both learners and mentors: Once a week for the month of February, post a “win” that you’ve had in our #wins channel on Slack Engage with community members in the channel–emoji responses or starting a conversation by replying to someone’s win are both great ways to do this!

R4DS January Challenge: get involved!

Happy New Year! I love the start of the New Year for so many reasons, but one of my favorites is the never-ending stream of motivational word art that populates a good 98% of every social media feed for 31 whole days, like so: Another reason for loving the start of 2018 is that we’re kicking off the next iteration of the R for Data Science Online Learning Community!