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Creating beginner-friendly TidyTuesday content together

May 22, 2021

The #TidyTuesday Extravaganza is a warm, welcoming place for anyone interested in getting started creating data visualizations in R and//or creating beginner-friendly content using #TidyTuesday datasets

Why Unfiltered?

I’m all about learning out loud, and believe that mistakes are key to progress. Every Monday I’ll be working with a dataset that I’ve never seen, sharing how I explore and approach it, and ultimately create a couple of graphs that anyone can use to get started on their own #TidyTuesday journey! Everyone is welcome to the stream, and I absolutely love chatting with you all! Questions, commentary, requests for ggplot extension explorations, and good vibes all invited.

Recent streams and videos

When to catch the stream

I’ll be livestreaming on Twitch (almost) every Monday at 8:00PM Central, beginning May 24th, 2021. By the end of stream we’ll have talked about what goes into creating beginner-level content, generated a couple of plots, and posted them to Twitter using the #TidyTuesday hashtag and high-quality alt-text.

On Tuesday you’ll be able to catch video highlights and tutorials on YouTube, as well as read a short blog post (with access to all of the code!) on this site.

What is #TidyTuesday?

TidyTuesday is a weekly social data project, created by Tom Mock. Every Monday a new dataset is released on the #TidyTuesday GitHub repo. The data will be tamed, but does not always adhere to “tidy” data principles. This dataset will come from an article with an interesting plot. The goal is to have you take a look at the raw data and generate either a copy of the original plot or a novel take on the data! You can obviously use whatever techniques you feel are appropriate, but the data will be organized in a way that tidyverse tools will work well!

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May 22, 2021
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