Data Science in Education Using R

Get started using R with education data with our open-source book.

October 21, 2020

Data Science in Education Using R is an open source guide for anyone interested in learning R within the context of education.

Data Science in Education – You’re Invited!

Dear Data Scientists, Educators, and Data Scientists who are Educators:

This book is a warm welcome and an invitation. If you’re a data scientist in education or an educator in data science, your role isn’t exactly straightforward. This book is our contribution to a growing movement to merge the paths of data analysis and education. We wrote this book to make your first step on that path a little clearer and a little less scary.

Whether you’re a data scientist using your skills in an education job or an educator who wants to learn data science skills, we invite you to read this book and put these techniques to work in the real world. We think that your work in the education community will help decide how education and data science come together going forward.



If you would like to cite this book, please use the citation below:

Estrellado, R. A., Freer, E. A., Motsipak, J., Rosenberg, J. M., & Velásquez, I. C. (2020). Data science in education using R. London, England: Routledge. Nb. All authors contributed equally.

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October 21, 2020
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Book Data Science in Education
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