Project Portfolio

TidyTuesday Unfiltered

The #TidyTuesday Extravaganza is a warm, welcoming place for anyone interested in getting started creating data visualizations in R and//or creating beginner-friendly content using #TidyTuesday datasets Why Unfiltered? I’m all about learning out loud, and believe that mistakes are key to progress. Every Monday I’ll be working with a dataset that I’ve never seen, sharing how I explore and approach it, and ultimately create a couple of graphs that anyone can use to get started on their own #TidyTuesday journey!

Tensor Processing Units

A collection of Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) content that I created while at Kaggle. Tensor Processing Units are hardware accelerators developed by Google, and are specialized for deep learning tasks. While they’re designed to be compatible with TensorFlow, there have been a growing number of excellent resources dedicated to using TPUs with PyTorch.

Data Science in Education Using R

Data Science in Education Using R is an open source guide for anyone interested in learning R within the context of education. Data Science in Education – You’re Invited! Dear Data Scientists, Educators, and Data Scientists who are Educators: This book is a warm welcome and an invitation. If you’re a data scientist in education or an educator in data science, your role isn’t exactly straightforward.