R4DS June Challenge: Summer of Data Science 2018

We’re going on a learning adventure!

This summer we’d like to challenge you to participate in the “Summer of Data Science” Twitter initiative hosted by none other than Data Science Renee! While the Summer of Data Science (SoDS) supports all languages and endeavors related to becoming a (better) data scientist, we wanted to host a space within our R4DS Online Learning Community for our community members to ask questions, provide support, and in general discuss what we’re learning within our chosen text!

How to participate

  • Choose a book from the list below
  • Work through the book at your own pace
  • Use our Slack community to ask questions, provide guidance to others, and support one another in our learning journeys
  • Share both your learning plan and your learning updates on Twitter using the #SoDS18 hashtag! More information on this to follow soon!

Books we’ll be supporting for #SoDS2018


Could you please explain what SoDS18 is?

The Summer of Data Science is an initiative started by Data Science Renee that focuses on making a commitment to learn something this summer to enhance your data science skills, and to share what you learned.

How do I sign up for the online learning community?

You can read more about the overall community as well as sign up for our Slack group here.

Please note that you do not have to be a part of our online learning community in order to participate in #SoDS18! #SoDS18 exists as a creation of Data Science Renee, while our online learning community can choose to participate within our Slack channel as well as on the Twitter #SoDS18 campaign.

How do I choose a book?

This will vary by individual preference, but if you’re looking for a “just right” text, skim the first few chapters of a text. If everything looks pretty familiar, great! Now go to the last few chapters and skim. If everything looks like something you’ve never seen or heard before, and definitely has information that you couldn’t explain to someone else, then this book is probably “just right” for you.

I joined the group but can’t find the channel for my book

You will have to add yourself to the channel. You can do this by following the instructions here.

I want to read a book not listed - will there be a channel for me in the Slack group?

No, however you are still encouraged to work through a book or course and share what you’ve learned on Twitter by using the #SoDS18 hashtag.

Why did you only list books? There are so many other ways to learn R and data science!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of resources that you can use to learn R and data science. The books were chosen in order to provide the greatest accessibility possible by removing any financial barriers, while staying firmly within the tidyverse approach to programming in R.

I’m only joining this group for the SoDS event. Do I have to follow your Code of Conduct?

Yes, our Code of Conduct is non-negotiable.

I want to learn Python for Data Science - will there be a channel for me in the Slack group?

No, but consider reaching out to the Python for Data Science group!

Now let’s get reading!