R4DS February Challenge: #winning

It’s February–which most people associate with Valentine’s Day, and that’s fine–but for all of us in the R4DS Online Learning Community, we’re going to focus on winning!

The challenge: share your wins

The challenge is short and sweet this month, and the same for both learners and mentors:

  1. Once a week for the month of February, post a “win” that you’ve had in our #wins channel on Slack
  2. Engage with community members in the channel–emoji responses or starting a conversation by replying to someone’s win are both great ways to do this!

What counts as a win?

Wins come in all shapes and sizes–maybe you finally remembered to use the + operator in a ggplot() call instead of a %>%, or maybe you’ve just published a book on teaching the tidyverse to cats. Your win should be related to something you’ve learned either by working through the R for Data Science text, or from the R4DS Online Learning Community.

Your win can be shared as a single sentence within the channel, or a link to a video or blog post that you’ve created. We want to hear from you and support you as you’re learning your way through R for Data Science!

Remember: the size of your win isn’t what’s important–everyone’s learning process unfolds at different rates and sizes–what matters is coming together to celebrate everyone’s learning journey within our online community.