R4DS April Challenge: time for some spring cleaning!


April is such a fantastic time of the year - the weather starts to warm up, trees and flowers start blooming, and many of us start in on some spring cleaning. So it’s only natural that we’d focus on the same thing in our R4DS Online Learning Community!

Finishing up March’s Viewing Parties

Thank you to everyone who participated in our viewing party in early March, where member Chris B. shared with us how to use RMarkdown and Shiny with students!

While there’s been a bit of a lull, community member Jon H. will be closing out the month of March with a talk about package development on March 31st. You’re going to want to make sure you catch this one!

Due to some scheduling conflicts, some of our talks have been moved to April - we’re excited to announce the following tentative schedule, and can’t wait to see you at the viewing parties!

  • Andrea: Saturday, April 7th
  • Renata: second week of April
  • Raul, Thomas (two separate talks!): third week of April
  • Jesse: fourth week of April

April’s “Tidy” challenges!

Our April challenges are unique and extra awesome because they’ve been developed entirely by R4DS community members - which is truly about as awesome as it can get!

I’m going to be a bit cryptic and let you know that this first challenge is going to give you the opportunity to make dplyr your new BFF as you tidy your heart out - but that’s all I’m going to divulge for now!

Our second project is #TidyTuesday, where every Monday we’ll post a tame (but not necessarily tidy!) dataset, an original chart associated with that dataset, and ask you to apply your take on the chart.

The goal of #TidyTuesday is to apply the skills you’re picking up from the R for Data Science text to tidy and plot data, and then explore other’s work and connect with the greater #rstats community on Twitter by using the #TidyTuesday hashtag!

If #TidyTuesday sounds familiar, that’s because it’s inspired by the awesome #MondayMakeover series from Tableau.

Both of these projects are the result of collaborations between Radovan, Burcu, Raul, Rosa, Jake, Thomas, & Ariel, and we’re thrilled to be sharing them with our community!