Data Science Twitch Streamers Round Up

I can't believe this site is free

May 28, 2021

Did you know?

There’s an entire world of absolutely free live-streamed data science content available to you almost 24//7 at Me neither.

I first learned about Twitch when it was still, a time that feels like forever ago but also lines up with my entry into data science. My first data science job was at an esports startup that was working hard to become a media company (we had a studio and everything!) and I spent a lot of time immersed in streams and following the journeys of different players in order to better design statistical models and infographics to tell their stories.

Fast forward seven years and I’m now livestreaming video games while talking about data science on my own Twitch channel. Life is funny like that.

The streaming data science community

But I’m not the only one streaming data science content on Twitch! Although Twitch has yet to create a programming or data science or machine learning category (I’m not bitter cough pools, hot tubs, and beaches cough), you can find most of us under the Science & Technology tag.

I’ll keep updating this list, but as of right now, here are some data science streamers you should check out, follow, and engage with!


Afton Leigh Coombs streams programming mostly in R, and also plays Stardew Valley and other educational games. What’s more is that they’re working on {rdew}, an R package for Stardew Valley!


Alyssa is a lover of Sporks and Sports, and streams when they code.


BrainRPG is a Mexican physics university student interested in open source programming in Julia, the coolest and fastest programming language.


Kyle and Lexi run a variety stream, with everything from gaming to cooking to journaling to code. On most weekends they stream R code! Lately, they’ve been building a Twitch API package, a Shiny app for the Shiny app contest, and teaching R!


Emil Hvitfeldt is a Clinical Data Analyst, teaching adjunct professor, and co-author of “Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R”. They enjoy working on R package development, NLP tools, and color palettes.


quit League of Legends and is now streaming games and R! Keep an eye out for their #TidyTuesday streams.


David Asboth started streaming a few months ago, took a break, and is coming back next week to share data science in Python! While they plan the project ahead of time, they don’t see the dataset until the stream starts.


Josiah Parry doesn’t have a set schedule, but you can catch them on weekends and weekdays streaming R package development. And don’t miss Josiah’s appearance on this season of SLICED!


Dr. Michael Mullarkey streams approximately twice a week, with one stream focused on leveling up your data science game (hang out, discuss, some live coding), and another stream called “Data Distillery Dash” where they take data they’ve never seen before, solve a prediction problem in #rstats, & write a distill blog post in 2 hrs or less. Did I mention they’re also a contestant on SLICED?


Moriah Taylor streams once a week, Thursdays from 6:30-9:30pm EST, and focuses on coding in R. Usually she’s doing #TidyTuesday, but sometimes talks about other data techniques and general best practices regarding data.


Nick Wan streams Monday through Thursday, and not only covers data science, but also manages SLICED with co-host Meg Risdal, which is airing on Tuesdays this summer!


Rachael Tatman streams multiple times a week, with the following schedule (all times Pacific):

  • 4:30 PM Tuesdays, machine learning and natural language processing
  • 9:00 AM Wednesdays, Rasa office hours
  • 9:00 AM Thursdays, Rasa reading group
  • 9:00 AM Fridays, Rasa livecoding


Eric has a whole host of content, and streams The Shiny Dev Series and R development work on a bi-weekly basis.


Fabian Becker streams on and off about Julia, Python and other languages. They’re learning Julia at the moment so a lot of content is focused on that.


Greg Matthews streams things they think are interesting, and is also a contestant on SLICED!


Tan streams Shiny apps and package development on Saturday evenings, and research (aka data science) on Sunday afternoons.


Jacob Zelko is a Julia, R, and Python streamer. Their topics range anywhere from animation and dataviz to OpenScience research. Furthermore, they’re interested in educational outreach and encouraging others in their stream.


WaylonWalker streams about how they use Python and Linux in data science.


Wolfgang Viechtbauer taught their ‘Intro to R’ course via Twitch last year 3x (~20 hrs of teaching each time). Now they do weekly live streams on R/stats as a continuous follow-up. Streams are usually Thursdays at 5pm CET.

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