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Mind the Gap
May 23, 2018
Data Science Career Transitions (Panel)
Mar 22, 2018
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Feb 10, 2018

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Introduction May is here and it’s time to get back to our roots by revisiting the R for Data Science text as well as introduce materials to help you - yes you - get comfortable with GitHub. Sure, we could do something similar to the first iteration of our online learning community and say we’re going to cover a specified amount of material each week, but instead we’re going to try something new!


Introduction This past March I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a panel about making the career transition to data science as part of Kaggle’s CareerCon 2018. As a result of this experience, I’ve gotten enough emails asking for more information about my data science journey that it warrants a blog post, per David Robinson’s advice: When you’ve written the same code 3 times, write a function When you’ve given the same in-person advice 3 times, write a blog post


(YMMV = your mileage may vary) Introduction Feeling inspired by some recent data science collaborations, on Friday I released the following tweet into the wild: want to build data science experience? reach out to a local non-profit you're interested in, and ask them if you can volunteer with data collection, cleaning, and basic analysis and reporting. you get experience, the NPO gets a product they desperately need, and everyone wins.


Introduction April is such a fantastic time of the year - the weather starts to warm up, trees and flowers start blooming, and many of us start in on some spring cleaning. So it’s only natural that we’d focus on the same thing in our R4DS Online Learning Community! Finishing up March’s Viewing Parties Thank you to everyone who participated in our viewing party in early March, where member Chris B.


We’re going to walk through the basics of posting GIFs on your blogdown website using imgur and GIPHY. Introduction Blogdown is an amazing tool for - wait for it - blogging. I recently made the jump to blogdown, and after working out all of my self-inflicted initial “OMG what happened now?!” issues, blogdown has become part of my daily workflow. I’m still playing with formatting issues (evidence below) but on the whole things are coming together nicely.



Rladies Dallas

R-Ladies Dallas welcomes members of all R proficiency levels, whether you’re a new or aspiring R user, or an experienced R programmer interested in mentoring, networking & expert upskilling. Our non-profit, civil society community is designed to develop our members’ R skills & knowledge through social, collaborative learning & sharing. Supporting minority identity access to STEM skills & careers, the Free Software Movement, and contributing to the global R community!

Data Science in Education Textbook Collaboration

A text designed to cover both the use of data science in education as well as data science education

Dripping Data and Measuring Minds

A four day summer workshop for HS-aged Girl Scouts focused on learning and applying the principles of data science to water usage at the GSNETX STEM Center of Excellence

R4DS Online Learning Community

The ‘R for Data Science’ online learning community is a dynamic and supportive environment that brings together mentors and learners as they undertake self-paced learning via the ‘R for Data Science’ text

The Tasty Data Project

The Tasty Data Project is a series of multi-media projects that use small data sets from the world around us to both learn and teach data science with R. The first in the series, The Taco Project, begins filming in April 2018